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Chess Challenger

Our first game is available at Microsoft's Windows Store.

Chess Challenger provides an attractive virtual chessboard and pieces for two players using one computer. This game provides all you need to play chess with a friend anywhere you have your computer.

Chess Challenger is a simple application that is a pleasure to use as an alternative to a physical chessboard. Like a physical chessboard, it provides a board and pieces. There is no AI to complicate the experience by checking the validity of chess moves or playing against the computer. Nor does it have networking to play someone at a distance. It is a simple, easy to use, application that facilitates a fun game of chess between two opponents using the same computer.

Attractive virtual chessboard and pieces.

Editing board view that allows for easy positioning of pieces.

Move assistance for castling, en passant captures and promotions.

Rotate board, white pieces only, or black pieces only.

Undo and redo moves.

Free support through this website, Contact

(Part of the) Main application view

(Part of the) Editing board view